Hurricane Dorian Update 2019


As hurricane Dorian sweeps through the Northern Bahamas as a Category 5, it is destroying everything in it's path. So far it is reported that 10 people have been killed and many more have been injured and taken to hospitals on the New Providence Islands. This has been the strongest hurricane so far this year and is expected to continue to storm through the Bahamas for the next couple of hours. So we urge you to please remain safe and indoors while the storm is in your area.

As the hurricane strengthens along the coast the following states should proceed with caution:

1. Florida

2. Georgia

3. North Carolina

4. South Carolina

5. Virginia

If you reside in any of the above listed areas and plan to evacuate, be safe as you travel. If you reside in any of the above areas and do not plan on evacuating, make sure you are prepared when the storm hits. Some hurricane supplies in which you will need consists of:

1. Water bottles

2. Gas in the event that you want to evacuate

3. Backup Generators

4. Canned food

5. Packaged food

6. Batteries

7. Flashlights

8. Frozen bags of water

9. Portable Charger

10. Board up your windows if necessary

Dorian is said to be a Category 4 by Wednesday when it hits Florida. There is expected to get 4-6 inches of rain. In the Carolinas’ it is expected to get 6-8 inches of rain. So far there has only been slight wind and rain in these areas. As the storm approaches there will be high surfs and dangerous rip currents along the East Coast.

Dorian is estimated to pass through Virginia on Thursday. The Governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency in advance for residents in southeastern Virginia. The impact from Dorian can include coastal and inland flooding, storm surge, damaging winds, and prolonged power outages.


A few charities and companies that are ready to assist are:

Charities such as:

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response The charity says it has volunteers and staff in Florida, with an assessment team staged in Georgia.

American Kidney Fund The fund says it is monitoring how to help the 31,000 dialysis patients in Florida.

Americares Emergency responders are deployed and ready to provide medical care, the group says.

Direct Relief Staff was expected to arrive Monday in Grand Bahama and Abaco with medication for 1,000 people. It also has emergency response teams in the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean.

Good360  The charity says it has begun sending products to the Southeast for nonprofits to use.

Heart to Heart International  A mobile medical unit, two support vehicles and four logistics experts have been deployed to Atlanta. The group also has disaster response team members in North Carolina and Florida.

International Relief Teams  The charity has more than 1,000 disaster health kits prepositioned in Florida.

Matthew 25: Ministries  The charity says it is ready to respond to affected areas.

SBP  The group has deployment teams ready to respond, the group says.

World Vision  Truckloads of relief supplies are being shipped to partner organizations in Daytona Beach and Immokalee, Florida, for distribution, the group says.

Organizations helping:

American Humane The American Humane Rescue team is prepared to deploy to save animal lives, the group says.

American Red Cross More than 1,600 volunteers are responding, with 110 emergency response vehicles and more than 99 tractor-trailer loads full of relief supplies, the Red Cross says.

Direct Relief Emergency medical caches, which include first-aid supplies and medication, are stationed throughout Florida, the Carolinas and the Gulf Coast, according to Direct Relief. It also has an emergency response team on the ground.

GlobalGiving Donations will supply food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products and shelter, according to the charity.

Humane Society of the United States The group says it helped evacuate 80 animals out of three Florida shelters Sunday, and 400 injured and orphaned animals from its South Florida Wildlife Center. It is helping with more evacuations in South Carolina Monday.

Heart to Heart International It has deployed a mobile medical unit, two support vehicles and four logistics experts to Atlanta, with disaster response team members in North Carolina and Florida, the charity says.

Salvation Army Teams are ready to help provide emergency food, water and shelter in Florida, the Salvation Army says.

Save the Children Staff in Florida are ready to help support the urgent needs of children and families, according to the charity.

Provided are links for varies hurricane emergencies:

County Emergency Contacts in Florida:

Dorian Updates for Florida:

Bahamas emergency Shelter Listing:

Emergency Contact:!ut/p/b1/vZTbkqIwEIafZR7AISEY8JKzCATlDDeWiCAI6iiI8PSLtTU1NW7tzl7sTnKR6qq_--_-UgkVUxGEDAAQQzilQio-bm5FvmmK03FTPeIYr5FqmSuR4UwOMzOgQZdokrxE6hKNgughAKrJ86NAdX0wCgBvO3AFAKL_Lh_8ZvHgZ_57eYt2H_kixLo3VQ2HpgIqXER3Il21XNaCG3OKKjW6KH2zKBuhlTqmiEzJrqLWaM5hCLkLWAeqIFSVvzPFxsU3y6oiP6rMKiV9ErPpxnOy0G3te-yYLrMMVb_UV6aSXibDhbF0HmF2dk4O_tnKBKkWDaKY7FHYlYAYbWmr6Wp_INlp6C1HZCZG6YstO7suM63vC_7l5ZnXrwN9wSug4s9Inogv6S8E6F3wB-Zkfqp3VDTK2I86HF48etEt3ZjpSOZZyqVCwKydsj9rw2Gwy8HWSckj4jo9lDxEZOQRV4YOicejh1CmaSLFC7f0iStpg9PMl6lvewLPq9s2WD8bfmIDOAX8b8OnCVf4uw3R9yLVpe-9Q5Xm_r3hgoqLpH7ttvUreKWnmGZYegpYOIUcQpRfRng2fg6dpNnZfuuVTbCl0z2Tp7LS1peNXe-56lwfs-PF6cZH1h0zGN_KxtstZjKTe9rbwnVok4FWWeRwCyY853m7N3G3DwJDOORzg4uM5rrrxOKUK0wy33fL-O16SOhQbYWaRLjFlsqsVTxBhxzu01vUDdhDdDLbOFzC4Xu4mrpF7Jf3wuGUAdJbGNiAvZpjb7F7Tpad7YXT-pTVrtVPEObLoUOe9kLVcaUY_eRgcyT72Cb_Az2HA28!/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

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