Low Life Culture est. 2013

Kj Myers throwback at West Virginia University

My name is Kj Myers i'm a former West Virginia University college football player and graduate and the founder of the Low Life Culture. I am from Jacksonville, Florida and graduated from First Coast High School in 2011 and decided to further my education and athletics at WVU which was the first school to offer me a scholarship out of 12 other schools.

In 2013 I had hit a low point during my time in college. It was from a mixture of being out on my own away from family and friends, school was tough, and football was like a roller coaster for me that year and many of uncontrollable things i was allowing to control me. Never in my life have I been at a low point like this other than when I had lost my older sister in 2008. My mentality had changed for the worse which ended up changing my actions as well. My life would have went even lower if God didn't bring this lifestyle to me.

The Red Balloon symbolizes love and letting go

Now we all know about the Low Life Culture and that Low Life is an acronym for Lack of Worries and Living In Fearless Efforts and the Red Balloon symbolizes love and letting go. Well when the concept of this lifestyle came to me all I knew was Low Life - Lack Of Worries and there was no acronym for Life and no Red Balloon. I had to understand that Lack Of Worries was the first step and was for my Mentality I had to get my mind back right first and then everything else will follow. I started telling myself Lack Of Worries anytime I was feeling bad vibes and just consistently using it as a daily positive affirmation. After I mastered the mentality I figured out the acronym for Life which is Living In Fearless Efforts, I had to understand that Living In Fearless Efforts was the next step of my process and was for the actions. My body language was off and so was my efforts and some inner fear when I was on the football field. I focused on improving these areas of my life and really believed in Living In Fearless Efforts. After I mastered the actions the idea for the Red Balloon finally came to me, red for love and the balloon symbolizing letting go. I had to understand that I needed to just let go of everything that brought me to that low point, let go of all the uncontrollable nouns, let go of anything weighing down my life or slowing down my life process.

it won't be easy living this lifestyle everyday but the only way to see and feel change is by applying this to your daily life consistently just like with anything else in order to see improvements it takes a repetitious grind. After you start applying this lifestyle overtime you will feel the changes in your mentality, actions, and will be able to let go of the negatives easier and faster.

After I mastered the art of this lifestyle my main mission has been to spread this to any and everyone.

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