Kenneth Myers Low Life Culture CEO and Former West Virginia University [ WVU ] Football Player and College Graduate with a Sociology Degree and a Minor in Business was Falsely Accused of an Armed Home Invasion Robbery and still taken to jail on August 19, 2017 in Jacksonville Florida for matching the description of a “newer Dodge Charger with a black male driver and tinted windows,” which was stated in the police report.

Now the person who said they we're robbed that called the police, turned themselves in and is now facing jail time for fabricating story because when the police arrived to the subject’s home, the subject left out that the night before the subject had gone to a Drug Dealer and purchased Two Ounces of Marijuana, since the subject left this part out, the second time the subject met with detectives and told them everything which is why the subject is now in jail. Since the subject turned themselves in the police won't replace the rear shield and left rear window of Kenneth Myers Dodge Charger.


All of this could of cost Kenneth Myers his life and now defamation of his character and brand image and now costing him a lot of money for some a crime he didn’t commit and wasn’t a part of. Myers never been to jail and now is in the criminal system and deserves a Public Apology and All Charges Dropped and Dismissed from his Record and Name.

Donations will help towards the 460 Bond Fee 500 Deductible for Dodge Charger 2,500 for Lawyer.

Myers started the Low Life Culture while playing College Football at West Virginia University in 2013Low Life is an acronym for LACK OF WORRIES & LIVING IN FEARLESS EFFORTS and the symbol for the brand is a Red Balloon. Red symbolizing love and the balloon symbolizes letting go of any worry, fear, doubts, insecurities, past, pain, etc anything that is slowing down your life process. Let go and let God.

Thank you for all the support and help and connections are appreciated and you can contact Kenneth Myers via


Instagram: @iamLowLifeKj

Twitter: @iamLowLifeKj

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Below Is The News Clip When The Indecent Took Place

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